Autumn in Lapland

As the days gradually grow shorter, Finnish Lapland undergoes a captivating transformation, with nature adorning itself in a mesmerizing palette of orange, red, yellow, and brown hues. The crisp, refreshing air provides the perfect setting for a wide range of autumn experiences in the Lappish forest. Immerse yourself in the natural world as you forge a deep connection with the environment. Embark on a journey to harvest Arctic flavours, pluck wild treasures from the landscape, and indulge in authentic culinary experiences, celebrating Lapland’s unique offerings when the autumn nights in Lapland hold the promise of Northern lights dancing in the sky.
For those seeking inner tranquillity, Lapland wilderness offers a rejuvenating experience to find harmony and peace surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors. Lapland’s autumn offers a tapestry of experiences for everlasting memories. Join us in this season of wonder and discovery. Kindly note that nature phenomena are unpredictable and cannot be quaranteed.

Beautiful autumn ruska captivates in Lapland. | Lapland Luxury

Autumn at a glance

From the end of August, the Northern Lights reappear in Lapland as the nights gradually darken after the bright summer white nights. Autumn is prime for witnessing this celestial display. It’s also harvest time, with berries and mushrooms ripe for picking. Lapland’s forests burst with colour, their leaves transforming into vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and red. Lapland sees its first snowfall in September and October, which typically melts away, with permanent snow cover expected in December. Autumn temperatures in Lapland range between 0 and +10°C, making it ideal for seasonal adventures.

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